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Crystal Rewards - How it works

3 simple waysto get rewarded today

Refer friends and family using your unique referral code we send when you sign up, and with each referral, you work your way towards earning your internet completely free

1-4 referrals

Get rewarded with R10/month discount for every friend or family member you refer. Get double-rewarded for every business referral.

5-9 referrals

You get R100/month off your data account. Double rewarded for every business referral.

10+ referrals

Your internet data account is completely free. That's it. You no longer pay a cent for your internet data.

Crystal Rewards FAQ

Being transparent is what we're all about

Crystal Rewards may not be redeemed for cash. Your rewards are redeemed in the form of a monthly discount to your internet data account with Crystal Web.

Referrals are checked by our automated systems and cannot be allocated manually after sign up. Make sure that whoever you refer signs up with your Crystal Rewards code to obtain the benefit of your discount.

Once you obtain your internet data account for free (from 10 referrals or more) and if you have more than one data account with Crystal Web, the 100% discount will be applied to the single data account of your primary home or office connection.

Your discount has no set end date. Each discount is applicable for the lifetime of each referred customer.

Your Crystal Rewards are only valid for the duration of your account being live with Crystal Web, and cannot be reinstated at a later stage.

For up to 9 referrals, discounts are provided at a flat-rate and therefore no change is required here. For 100% discount Crystal Rewards members, should you choose to upgrade your account, you will only pay the difference between the old data account and new data account price.

Your Crystal Rewards are only valid for the duration of your account as is, being live with Crystal Web, and cannot be reinstated at a later stage following a downgrade. This is to prevent potential abuse of the Crystal Rewards system.

Rewards are subject to the provisions in the above rules as well as our standard terms and conditions, and are also provided solely at Crystal Web's discretion. While there is no intention to discontinue such a service and it is intended as a long-term program, should the Rewards be discontinued for whatever reason, notice of discontinuation of any discounts will be made with 21 days' notice. Should Crystal Web identify any attempt to abuse the Crystal Rewards program by methods such as, but not limited to, identity fraud, contact information abuse, or methods to obfuscate one's identity to obtain multiple discount streams, all discounts assigned to that individual will be discontinued and all previous discounts applied will be invoiced for immediate payment.